Meet our 2016 Project Community recipients and learn more about what they're using their funding for.

Calapooia Middle School. Jennifer Hill is using her Project Community funding to purchase LEGO sets for the Robotics club.

Liberty Elementary School. Jane Bauserman is creating a listening center for her kindergarten class to use during reading time.

Sunrise Elementary School. Shawna Mole is jump starting STEM learning by buying materials to add to her kindergarten class' Exploration Station.

Tangent Elementary School. Jeanie Mowery received materials to allow her students to access the classroom's audio book collection. 

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Illinois Valley High School. Caitlin Gray will is updating the Language Arts Department's novel collection. 

Bohemia Elementary School. Kristi Geisler is purchasing iPad Minis and headphones for three classrooms to help her students with math and reading.

Latham Elementary School. Rachelle England is purchasing a subscription to a site that will enhance students' understanding in math, language, science, and social studies. 

Lincoln Elementary School. Heather Nordella is providing school supplies for students in need.

Lincoln Elementary School. Jill Myers is updating the school library with her Project community award.

Lincoln Elementary School. Lisa Churchman is purchasing a school set of books to keep her students engaged with reading. 

Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School. Sarah Knudsen is purchasing Spanish books to help students learn Spanish grammar. 

Camas Ridge Community School. Barbara Willoughby is buying headphones for students to access computer audio for all their digital learning materials. 

César E. Chávez Elementary School. Kimberly Liebenberg is expanding the school's selection of cross-cultural reading materials. 

Howard Elementary School. Stephanie Peterson is purchasing more art supplies for her students. 

Kennedy Middle School. Tyler Boorman is offering students a chance to practice their musical skills at home by buying percussion practice kits.

Monroe Middle School. Angela Finneran is acquiring assistive technology and equipment for her students with special needs.  

Monroe Middle School. Brian Holte is taking sixth graders on a college- and career-oriented field trip to Oregon State University.

Pearl Buck Center. They're using their Project Community award to sound-dampen their gym so that kids with sensory difficulties can use it. 

Willagillespie Community School. Jannine Johnson received solar system models for all fifth grade classrooms to enhance their science unit.

Willagillespie Elementary School. Tia Dube is helping students in all grades understand experiences that are different from their own by purchasing books. 

Manzanita Elementary School. Barbara Busch is purchasing Bouncy Bands to help her students with focus issues. 

North Middle School. Dr. Christopher Jelderks is using his Project Community funding for computer headphones and mice to use with their classroom laptops.

North Middle School. Lee Pietruszewski is building a classroom library for his seventh graders to build reading skills. 

Redwood Elementary School. Dana Smith is buying iPads to help students work on math skills. 

South Middle School. Nealy Wheeler is purchasing iPad Minis to build math and language arts skills. 

South Middle School. Stephanie Thompson is purchasing Chromebooks that will allow her students to build math skills. 

Hedrick Middle School. Kristin Johnson is updating science lab supplies for eighth graders.

Lone Pine Elementary School. Greg Franklin received microscopes for his six graders to help them study cells. 

Medford Opportunity School. Michael Torguson is engaging and inspiring reluctant readers by buying books for high-risk youth.  

Oak Grove Elementary School. Ashley Anderson and Ginny Kriz are purchasing mice for their students' Chromebooks.

Oak Grove Elementary School. Hans Smith is helping his students to study plant and animal cells by buying microscopes. 

Oak Grove Elementary School.   Jessica Rohrbough is purchasing headphones and microphones for her classroom to work on reading skills. 

Oak Grove Elementary School. Maria Thorpe is buying LEGO Robotics kits with her Project Community award. 

Ardenwald Elementary School. Kelli Wright is enhancing her students' literacy and math skills by by purchasing Pad Minis, screen protectors, and cases.

North Bay Elementary School. Tobi Simmons is buying individual white boards for her students to enhance the math curriculum. 

North Bay Elementary School. Tracy Parsons is purchasing iPad Mini and protective cases for her second graders. 

North Bend High School. Jennifer Hampel is purchasing a human torso model and dissection supplies for her Anatomy & Physiology students. 

Oakland Elementary School. Sarah Henry-Patt is buying LEGO engineering and design kits.

Jennings Lodge Elementary School. Chenda Kea-Fajer is purchasing materials to promote math, science, and social skills for her kindergarten class. 

Jennings Lodge Elementary School. Tracy Lawrence is buying science materials. 

Redland Elementary School. Corrine McKenzie is acquiring Chromebooks for her classroom. 

Redland Elementary School. Larisa Harvey is creating avid readers in her first grade classroom by buying books. 

Redland Elementary School. Melia Hoult is purchasing books for her fourth graders that they'll be interested in reading. 

Redland Elementary School. Shayla McRae is providing color visuals for her special needs students by buying a color printer, ink service subscription, and paper.  

Cleveland High School. Alex Gordin is purchasing novels for his International Baccalaureate program.

Kelly Elementary School. Jessica Ham is buying a carpet and Chromebooks for her classroom.

Tucker Maxson School. Jonah Levine is helping  deaf students develop their spoken language skills  by acquiring digital recording and measurement devices.

Obsidian Middle School. Lori Stock is replacing and updating gym equipment.

Redmond High School. Ben Lawson is updating the Band, Choir, and Jazz library with his Project Community funding.

Redmond Proficiency Academy. Amy Mitchell is taking her class on a field trip to OMSI. 

Redmond Proficiency Academy. Christina Baxter is acquiring anatomy models to help science students study the human body.

Redmond Proficiency Academy. Troy Longstroth is improving his Spanish students' literacy by buying Spanish-language graphic novels.

Fir Grove Elementary School. Jennifer Cotton received board games to help her students build sportsmanship and social skills.

Fir Grove Elementary School. Pamela Schneider is purchasing swings for her wheelchair-bound students to experience movement. 

Fir Grove Elementary School. Sherryl Bailey's Project Community funding will purchase a subscription that helps her students boost their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Green Elementary School. Anna Polamalu is buying educational LEGOs for her first graders.

Hucrest Elementary School. Emily Veale is purchasing Chromebooks for her students that need additional educational assistance. 

Joseph Lane Middle School. Khara Holborow is acquiring a document camera, a colored printer, and ink for her classroom. 

North Douglas Elementary/Middle School. Christy Rule is increasing students' reading skills by buying novels. 

Phoenix Charter School. Chris Roe will is purchasing tents for the Youth in the Wilderness program. 

Roseburg High School. Jennifer Gray is acquiring several projectors for displaying work and online resources. 

West Intermediate School. Gina Holgate is purchasing iPads and protective covers.

Agnes Stewart Middle School. Jennifer Utt is purchasing immersive learning games for her students. 

Agnes Stewart Middle School. Ricci Huling is demonstrating cooking, sewing, and other Family & Consumer Sciences skills by purchasing a wireless camera.

Riverbend Elementary School. Emily Minnis is buying instruction and organization materials for her students. 

Thurston High School. Jeanie Fuji is purchasing materials for learning Japanese characters and creating Japanese charcoal paintings.